Ultra High-5 Ankle Brace | Ankle instability & Chronic Pain | Ultra Ankle


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Ultra High-5® Ankle Brace

Reinforce that UNSTABLE ANKLE with the Ultra High-5®. Feather-light but super-strong the Ultra High-5® handles the twists and turns even the toughest season throws at you – with Hinged Cuff Technology you can take high or low ankle injuries…in stride.

Who Should Wear the Ultra High-5®

Athletes with chronic ankle instability due to a history of multiple ankle injuries. Athletes who have reoccurring joint pain due to excessive pounding on an unforgiving playing surface such as artificial turf or hardwood court.

Ultra High-5® Technical Specs:

Weight: S/M 4oz  Med. 4.3 oz Lrg. 4.6oz
Height: S/M  7.75"  Med. 8"  Lrg. 8.25"
Design: Hinged Cuff Technology
Shell:  Semi-Rigid Shell


Donna from Georgia

Thank you for first inventing the "active ankle" and now the even superior Ultra High-5. My daughter, Kristen (setter c/o 2011), severely sprained her ankle playing volleyball when an opposing blocker came under the net. She was wearing ankle protection....but NOT Ultra Ankles. After a month in a cast and many days of expensive rehabilitation, the Hughston Orthopedic Clinic here in Columbus GA put Kristen in the BEST brace on the market for preventing injuries.....the Ultra High-5. Kristen has played injury-free for over a year and will take her Ultra Ankles with her as she leaves to play volleyball for the University of Southern Mississippi. Naturally when my daughter Madison made a 13 year old club team I immediately ordered a pair of Ultra Ankles for her too! Thanks for making such a positive difference in the lives of our athletes!

Chad from New York

My daughter had high ankle sprain playing basketball. She was out for over 6 weeks. The brace seems to give her extra support and protection from reinjuring her ankle. She wears the Ultra High-5 every day to practice and games. I placed it under the insole of the sneaker and it seems to be comfortable for her.