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Treat and rehabilitate the ACUTE ANKLE INJURY with our Ultra CTS®, Custom Treatment System.  Snap-in the PerformaFit® upright for maximum acute injury support – snap-out for low profile performance.   When you must play, the Ultra CTS® is the ultimate game day ankle brace.  Total ankle injury management in one ankle brace.  

Who Should Wear the Ultra CTS®

Athletes with an acute ankle injury who want to return to activity quickly.  Athletes that need maximum lower leg compression and stabilization.  Athletes or Osteoarthritis (OA) patients who want to reduce painful weight bearing impact that prevents pain free activity.  The Ultra CTS® can be used as an alternative to walking boots when appropriate.  

Ultra CTS® Technical Specs:

Weight:  S/M 8.4 oz    L/XL  10.6 oz
Height:  S/M 9.75"    L/XL  10.75"
Design:  Hinged Cuff Technology
              PerformaFit® Detachable Upright
Shell:  Performathane® Soft Shell Uprights
           Semi-Rigid Foot Plate

Ultra CTS® Reviews

Christine from California

Success!  My daughter followed the recommendations and powered thru frigid ice baths, Advil, and ankle exercises to be able to return as her team’s core setter for the State tournament.  I cannot thank you enough for your assistance - the sheer amount of braces one can buy left me a nervous wreck. What did she need? What material/type was the correct choice? None of that was to be found at my local stores. Your knowledge of ankle injuries and bracing guided us on the best path! My daughter was on crutches one day and ten days later was back at full speed!  We did purchase the ultra zoom for supporting her weak but uninjured right ankle, while we opted for the CTS for the sprained ankle. She loves them both. They are easy to use, comfortable, and she thinks they look cool. The CTS provides her with incredible support on her left ankle while she heals and learns to trust the ankle again. I love the fact that once she is ready the top portion can be removed and it becomes just like the protective support on her right able!  Her quick return to the court is proof that your knowledge, a fantastic product, and a driven kid can be the ultimate combination!

Mike – ATC from Arizona

I’m and athletic trainer and our starting quarterback suffered a significant high ankle injury midway during the season.  We tried taping and other ankle braces but nothing took away is weight bearing pain.  A fellow athletic trainer told me about the Ultra CTS so we ordered one.  Immediately it took away most of his weight bearing pain, enough so that he could play.  He wore the CTS for four games then we detached the upright and he wore the low profile version the rest of the season.  This brace was amazing.