Medical Professional Testimonials | Ultra Ankle


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Medical Professional Testimonials

William Pugh A.T.,C.

Marygrove College

Clint Jones A.T.,C.

Palmer Trinity School

Bert Boyd A.T.,C.

Mercy Sports Medicine

Jeff Franciosi A.T.,C.

Hamilton SE HS

Devin Cashman A.T.,C.

Regis College

Jim Riser

Moore Sports Medicine

Craig Clark, A.T.,C.

Furman University

Mitch Wasik, A.T.,C.

Indiana State University

Troy Hershman, A.T.,C.

Ball State University

Chuck Aplin, A.T.,C.

Omega Rehab and Sport

Bob Cunningham, A.T.,C.

Assumption High School

Brian Curless A.T.,C.

Central Missouri State University

Brian D. Curless

MA, ATC / R, OPA-C Head Athletics Trainer -- Central Missouri State University

"I have had only one day of lost time with an ankle injury after placing the injured athlete in your brace. I believe that your brace is instrumental in reducing lost time after injury."

Jim Russ

Head Athletic Trainer / Physical Therapist -- University of Notre Dame

"We are excited that we have something to turn to when [a high ankle sprain] comes about."

Tim Garl

Men's Basketball Athletic Trainer -- Indiana University

"The Ultra Ankle was very effective in allowing our players full participation with great protection while returning from ankle injury."

Arnold Gamber

Head Football Athletic Trainer, Auburn Tigers

"I've achieved a greater rate of return with this brace than any other on the market."

Dave Maher

Basketball Athletic Trainer -- Arizona State University

"Since they have been in your braces, they have not had one incident of re-injury. Keep up the great work, you have a great product. My athletes and I appreciate it!"

Mike Goforth

Director, Athletic Training -- Virginia Tech

"From your typical lateral ankle sprains to your more complex ankle injuries, you can't go wrong with the Ultra Ankle."