Ultra CTS® Custom Treatment System | Ultra Ankle


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Ultra CTS® Custom Treatment System


Performathane® Custom-Fit Technology, PerformaFit® Technology


Rick Peters, Randolph Smith, Tony Parker, Matt Haws


Treat and rehabilitate the ACUTE ANKLE INJURY with our Ultra CTS, Custom Treatment System.  Snap-in the PerformaFit™ upright for maximum acute injury support – snap-out for low profile active rehabilitation.   Total ankle injury management in one ankle brace.

Performathane® Custom Fit Technology
Performathane® Custom Fit Technology forms to your ankle producing the most COMFORTABLE and LOW PROFILE ankle brace you will ever wear.
Hinged Cuff Technology
The multi patented Hinged Cuff Technology provides Anti-Rotation "twisting" Anti-Inversion "turning" protection in a compact low profile ankle brace you can wear every practice and game to help prevent high and low ankle injuries.
PerformaFit Technology
The new PerformaFit™ removable upright facilitates treatment and rehabilitation: attached for acute injury and detached for return to activity. Super comfortable Performathane® technology custom forms to the injured ankle: constantly reforming with edema reduction. 
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