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Ultra High-5® Reviews

Schuylena from Texas

My son uses them for football and again when baseball starts. He loves them and brags about them. I was searching the web for ankle braces and they came up we looked at may different kinds and this is what he liked best. He has been playing football for 5 years now and has rolled he ankles every year. When he started this season he would come home in tears cause his ankles hurt so bad. The day after we got them he wore them all day every day. He was not in tears anymore.  Thank you.

Beth from Indiana

Actually, we heard about them last year during basketball season when our daughter experienced her second ankle injury.  One of the other mom's told my husband about your company.  We ordered two last year, and reordered one of them again in a smaller size.  So far they help tremendously.  Our daughter still gets her ankle taped before major playing , but the braces have significantly helped her ankle support.  She showed them to her chiropractor in Fort Wayne and he was impressed with them.  Thanks for making such a great product.

Robert from California

Your product is hands down amazing.  I turned my ankle bad a week before I bought it. I play competitive volleyball.  As a power hitter my ankles are portent for jumping.  The idea was to wear these because we are in the finals and I have to play.  I thought I can at least be a setter to help my team out, after ordering and trying the brace out, I was shocked. The comfort and support works!!  They obviously didn't heal my ankle that day but I was back to a power hitter that day.  We won the championship.   I went home and threw ice back on the ankle and lived through the pain   Thank you so much for the Ultra High-5  I would recommend this to everyone everywhere.  Just for the record I'm past my prime, 35 and still very active. Products like this is great for all ages and sizes.  Happy customer and loyal for life

Candace from Canada

We heard about Ultra Ankle through a volleyball friend that is involved with the Art of Coaching CLinics in the United States. We had never seen them in Canada before. Both of my sons, 17 & 15 years old were coming off of high ankle sprains- volleyball related injuries- and so we were looking for a different brace, other than the lace up ones that they were wearing when they sprained their ankles. They had both just purchased mid & hightop shoes, and I could not find a hard style brace that fit into these types of shoes, so I was going to have to purchase them new shoes, as well as new braces. Luckily, we came across the Ultra High-5 brace, which fit into their mid & high shoes, and which they found extremely comfortable and supportive. They will continue to wear these braces on both ankles for volleyball, and maybe even during basketball.

Trent from TN

This is the second Ultra High-5's I have purchased. The first one lasted 8 yrs. I got 2 this time, one for each ankle. I am 50 years old and still play basketball in competitive leagues. The braces keep me confident and healthy. Wish I had them in my 20s maybe my ankles wouldn’t be so torn up now. Thank you for a great product.

Barbara from IN

My daughter loves her ankle braces and doesn't complain about wearing them at all since the moment we got them.  Our high school coach recommended Ultra High-5 braces to his players.  Yes, she will be wearing them for basketball, but started to wear them as soon as we received them during volleyball season.  Thank you!

Tom from Iowa

We have been extremely happy with the Ultra High-5. My son plays college basketball and strained his Achilles and ankle. This brace let him keep paying without any down time. I would recommend it to everyone.

Alex from NY

My father purchased the Ultra High-5 brace for me after I sprained ankle pretty badly during a soccer game this past June. I was worried because my college pre-season was starting and wasn't sure if I would be ready. I went through 2 months of physical therapy and my ankle still didn't feel 100%. I knew taping wasn't going to do the job, so we looked around and came across the Ultra Ankle 2. It only took a few training sessions prior to my pre-season for it to feel good enough to not even notice it. I am now wearing it during my pre-season training. The hinged technology of the brace allows all the flexibility I need while it is also giving me the confidence to play with full force without having to worry about that "tweak" that could set me back to day one. Thank you for making this brace available to athletes. I would recommend this to any athlete who has injured their ankle and wants to protect it without feeling like it is holding you back.

Michael from Pennsylvania

I have had an ankle problem for most of my life. It has gotten worse in last ten years. Football and motorcycle injuries have stretched ligaments past repair. I cannot stand those stretch ankle supports nor do they work. I have tried all kinds of boots to no avail. I have just learned to live with it during work, hunting, and lots of other activities. This Ultra High-5 works!!! I’m looking forward to hunting again in the Rockies. I will more than likely buy another one so I do not have to switch from boot to boot. Thanks Again!

Jeff from Illinois

My son is a junior in high school. He participates in all sports throughout the year. He twisted his ankle in one of the first official basketball practices in the late fall. Someone gave him a lace-up brace. He used this with OK results. A couple of games he also had his ankle taped. He asked some players on other teams what they were wearing & they talked about the Ultra Ankle. He ordered the Ultra High-5 model. He has been very happy with the performance of his braces and has not thought about his ankle any longer.