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Andy - ATC from California

I gave the Ultra Zoom to our starting half-back/outside linebacker with a history of a grade 2+ ankle sprain last season.  He put it on and was very pleased with the comfort level and support. He especially liked the freedom to dorsi/plantar flex but maintain great lateral support.  He wore it all through our summer camp workout week and had no problems.  I will recommend the ultra zoom to other athletes as well as parents to purchase for their kids.

Heidi - ATC from Michigan

I am using the ultra zoom with one of my soccer girls. .she really likes the light weight brace but also feels like she has the support she needs

Dale – ATC from Canada

I tried the Ultra Zoom with one of my soccer players. They liked the fit of the brace, and tried it out in a game.  For the most part, the athlete liked the brace, but in the second half, they started to tell me that the edges of the brace felt like they were cutting into his skin a bit, and was getting uncomfortable. For the next game, I lined the edges with moleskin, and it worked out fine. I would suggest rounding out the edges a little bit more, as they do feel a bit sharp.  Ultra Ankle Comments:  The Ultra Zoom requires a 2-4 hour break-in period for the Performathane custom-fit soft shell to form fit to the ankle.  Wearing two socks during the break-in period provides additional cushioning.

Allyssa - ATC from Kansas

I have recently used the Ultra Zoom for my volleyball athlete who acquired a mild ankle sprain. She wanted a brace to make her feel more secure about her injury. Her feedback about the brace was that she felt really stable in the brace. However, the hard plastic on the posterior side rubbing on her caused her to develop blisters. We treated the blisters and I told her to double up on the socks. Once she did, they were much better. My feedback as an Athletic Trainer is that I do like these braces. They do not allow medial or lateral movement of the ankle as a lot of the cloth lace-up braces do but they still allow plenty of plantar and dorsiflexion. I will definitely continue to use these braces. Ultra Ankle Comments:  The Ultra Zoom requires a 2-4 hour break-in period for the Performathane custom-fit soft shell to form fit to the ankle.  Wearing two socks during the break-in period provides additional cushioning.

Gerald - ATC from Indiana

I put an Ultra Zoom on one of our football QBs.  His feedback "it feels like Jesus is wrapped around his ankle!" Those were his exact words haha.  My feedback: I love the brace. I wore one for a couple hours and loved how light weight and comfortable it was. It's very protective with inversion/eversion ankle movements.

Mark - ATC from Texas

So far the Ultra Zoom has worked out well. We have been running 2-a-days for a week now. I have an athlete that sprained an ankle in summer camp so I put the brace on him. After showing him how to put it on, I have been observing how things have gone. He wears it every day and has had no problem with the break-in period (he has used one sock and done well). I do notice that compliance seems to be better as compared to the athlete wearing a lace-up brace. That athlete has mis-applied the lace-up 2 out of the 5 days.

Mike – ATC from Arizona

I’m and athletic trainer and our starting quarterback suffered a significant high ankle injury midway during the season.  We tried taping and other ankle braces but nothing took away is weight bearing pain.  A fellow athletic trainer told me about the Ultra CTS so we ordered one.  Immediately it took away most of his weight bearing pain, enough so that he could play.  He wore the CTS for four games then we detached the upright and he wore the low profile version the rest of the season.  This brace was amazing.

Tim - ATC from Wisconsin

Thanks for the sample Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace that I received at the NATA National Symposium in Indianapolis.  I have an athlete that has some ankle stability issues and wanted him to give it a try.  He said that after the break-in period, he has found the brace to be very comfortable and gives him the stability that he is looking for. He now has requested to purchase another for his other ankle.  Thanks again for a great brace.

Carla - ATC from New Mexico

I used the Ultra Zoom for volleyball and softball players last year. The athletes loved them!  They said they felt more secure than any lace-ups they had used in the past and that these were more comfortable too!  They said they had more movement (my libero loved them) comfortably, but safely!  My school bought even more this year. The athletes ask for them by name now!  Thank you for making a quality, comfortable ankle brace that increases athlete compliance!

Trent - ATC from Texas

I gave our starting quarterback the Ultra Zoom ankle brace that I picked up at NATA.  As soon as I got the brace, I knew that he was the perfect athlete to try it out on.  He suffered an ankle sprain in the fall of the 2013 football season.  Despite doctor's clearance, and a clean bill of health with no swelling or instability, he still complained of pain in his ankle.  His complaints even persisted into the spring and basketball season.  Needless to say, the injury was in his head, and was affecting his psyche.  A standard lace up ankle brace did not help to make him feel more comfortable that his ankle had enough support.  After trying the Ultra Zoom this fall, he is back to being his old self.  He no longer complains that the ankle is hurting or feels unstable.  He is much more comfortable this season and back to being the mobile quarterback that he once was.  He states that the brace is very comfortable and doesn't limit him in any way.  Thank you for helping him get over the mental hurdle caused by his previous ankle injury.  The Ultra Zoom has worked wonders in getting our quarterback back to the athlete he was pre-injury.