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Joy from Indiana

My daughter wears the ultra zoom ankle braces for volleyball and she sustained an ankle injury last Friday in Colorado Springs at the Team USA Volleyball High Performance A2 Invitational. Without the ankle brace, we're pretty certain she would have fractured her ankle. She's still recovering but was able to be back on the court in less than 48 hours with the help of the Team USA athletic trainers and she should be ready to resume volleyball work outs and conditioning on Monday with her high school. We're very thankful for your great product!

John from Nevada

I found this brace after doing a search on the Web. We had lace up braces before but they didn't seem to work for my son. He plays basketball and had some issues rolling his ankles. The braces worked well for him and he actually no longer has ankle issues.  Everybody needs to wear them.

Shannon from Texas

I bought the braces for my daughter. She's 15 and plays travel volleyball and for her high school varsity team. So, she's a very active year round player.  She's worn Active Ankle T2s for the last 3 years.  She's snapped 4 of them...usually at a tournament-which left me scrambling to get a replacement. They kept snapping where the side piece attached to the part that went underneath her foot. Your product is far superior and more durable. She absolutely will NOT play without braces. She absolutely LOVES them. They are comfortable, and way more durable than the Active Ankles. She says they are very supportive but not annoying...and very easy to put on. She likes how they fit in her shoes. They are awesome for preventing injuries!! We are very pleased with them and have already recommended them to her friends. 

Tiffany from Ohio

Being a middle in volleyball and having experienced an ankle roll, we decided to get an ankle brace.  We actually had the Active Ankle when she rolled her ankle.  When the Ultra came out, we got this instead.  I had some questions before purchasing, and the gentleman I spoke with said that he was the creator of both the Active and the Ultra.  He stayed on the phone and answered every question I had, never rushing me to get off the phone.  We are very happy with this product.  We also purchased the Ultra high-5 for stability during her healing.  We just had a girl on our team roll her ankle, and she wasn't wearing a brace.  Due to me being able to provide good information for her teammates, a number of the girls ordered these braces due to the coach implementing mandatory ankle braces for front row girls.  Thank you for a great product.

Katrina from New Jersey

We purchased the Ultra-Zoom brace for my daughter after an ankle injury she sustained early in the basketball season.  It was a mild/moderate sprain, but she doesn’t know how to play any way other than 110% “go”, so we worried that she would reinjure it unless she took the entire season off.  So, we researched how to support the ankle after a reasonable healing period, to see if there was a way for her to return to playing while still keeping the ankle protected.  We found your website and bought the Ultra-Zoom and have been truly impressed.  She returned to playing after only 2 weeks off, and is now completely healed.  She continues to wear the brace for all practices and games, as it does not restrict her movement in any way, and she feels that it relieves her worry about whether that ankle can be “trusted”.  I recommend it highly to anyone with ankle issues who wants to remain active while healing, or to protect the joint against re-injury after healing is complete.  Thank you for making a product that performs exactly as promised.

Stephanie from Oregon

We absolutely love the ankle braces . Both of my girls play volleyball and my oldest has been wearing them since May of last year . My youngest was at a tournament in Corvallis Or and they had a stand there . We recently purchased another pair for my youngest . Both of my girls play libero as they are not very tall, to say the least . We had our girls in the active ankle but because they are short they braces came up past their calves , which made them very uncomfortable so these new braces are perfect for  their height . They are very durable and very comfortable for my girls .  Best purchase for them we have made.  Satisfied customer 

Schuylena from Texas

My son uses them for football and again when baseball starts. He loves them and brags about them. I was searching the web for ankle braces and they came up we looked at may different kinds and this is what he liked best. He has been playing football for 5 years now and has rolled he ankles every year. When he started this season he would come home in tears cause his ankles hurt so bad. The day after we got them he wore them all day every day. He was not in tears anymore.  Thank you.

Janice from Texas

We were told to buy active ankle braces but after some research on the internet we decided to give you guys a try. My daughter plays middle school volleyball and sprained her ankle half way thru the season. We decided to give it try and see if would help get her back on the court. We've been extremely pleased with the comfort and support of the brace.

Max from Kansas

My 17 year old daughter got the ankle brace for basketball.  In the past she has hated how all ankle braces make her feel- like she wasn't as quick, so she never wore them.  She suffered a 2nd degree sprain and was given the Ultra Zoom brace by an orthopedic doctor to wear during recovery.  Now she must wear braces for prevention (she just committed to play in college after she graduates high school).  After trying several kinds she likes the Ultra Zoom brace the best, therefore we ordered another one for her other ankle.  

Andy from Arizona

I love the brace, in fact I am going to purchase another one.  I found out about your brace after googling "latest technology in ankle brace". I searched through a few products and found the Ultra appeared to be the most comfortable and strongest product out there.  I am a retired policeman, I loved playing basketball and did construction work in my spare time. Over the years I developed a foot problem. Even my orthopedic physician complimented the brace.  Continue to make great products!