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About Us

The Company – Performance Ankle Bracing Technology

Ultra Athlete, LLC has strategically developed performance ankle brace products with value and innovation features the aging competition cannot match.  Founded in 1999 by entrepreneurs Rick Peters and Randolph Smith, Ultra Athlete’s heritage is a product development company specifically focused on developing superior ankle bracing technology in each ankle brace market segment.   Rick Peters previously invented the Active Ankle brace in 1984 and founded Active Ankle Systems in 1989.  Now, with advanced ankle brace designs utilizing the latest thermoplastic performance materials, Ultra Athlete® has developed three advanced ankle bracing technologies for Ankle Injury Prevention with the Ultra Zoom®, Ankle Instability with the Ultra High-5® and Acute Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation with the Ultra CTS®, Custom Treatment System.  Three advanced bracing technologies with one goal - All-Out Performance.  Ultra Ankle® is ankle bracing, EVOLVED.

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